A year in Review- HR and Payroll Services

A year in Review- HR and Payroll Services

As everyone will most likely say and agree, 2020 has been an unpredictable year… however, we seem to have survived 

Looking back at 2020 there is, of course, one topic which sits as the forefront of everyone’s mind; the dreaded COVID-19. Without a doubt, the implications of the global pandemic have been challenging for all of us on both personal and professional levels.

Whilst some businesses have suffered negative effects from COVID-19 and lockdown, most companies that I work with seem to have come back stronger - perhaps differently, but they bounced back when they did not expected to 

Businesses leaders, employees, and clients had to be flexible and adaptable, and everyone worked together - this to me being the theme and one of the highlights of the year!

Working practices that had to be adjusted for lockdown, have been reviewed and in some cases remained in place, if slightly adjusted. An increased amount of companies brought more formal ‘Working-From-Home’ policies into place, which benefits not only employees, but also employers. I’ve always been an advocate of flexible working, so it’s heartening to see this becoming more commonplace 

Away from COVID-19, a personal highlight was Leapfrog’s involvement with the first DisruptHR event in Guernsey. Fourteen HR specialists had 5 minutes each to present their “disruptive” subject. The event was a rousing success and we cannot await the next instalment.

In summary, while COVID-19 and lockdown certainly brought its share of challenges to 2020, we have overcome obstacles and continue to persevere. Looking ahead, whilst we can plan and forecast what might happen in 2021, this year taught us that unpredictable things happen. So, whatever we plan for next year, let’s remain flexible and adaptable, and continue to thrive as #GuernseyTogether.