HR & Payroll Services


HR, payroll and day-to-day employee management can be costly and time-consuming, which is why outsourcing payroll processing and HR can be a great benefit to a company. Whether you are looking for a partial or complete HR solution, Leapfrog Recruitment Consultants can help.  

Why outsource HR & Payroll?

We offer a dedicated, tailored HR & Payroll solution to businesses of all sizes and status across a wide variety of sectors from trades to finance, and can cater for start-up businesses and established companies in Guernsey, Jersey, and the Isle of Man.

Our HR and Payroll services are fully compliant, reducing your businesses exposure to liability and risk. We are experts in human resources, recruitment administration, and payroll management and can ensure your business remains above board with the latest updates on employment law and regulatory requirements.

What’s included in our HR and Payroll services?

  • Recruitment administration
  • Employee on-boarding
  • Employee exit
  • Employee relations
  • Consultation
  • Employee absence and return
  • Tax and social security
  • Health care benefits
  • Contract and temporary staffing
  • Full payroll administration
  • Training and development coordination

Are you a business start-up in Guernsey, Jersey or Isle of Man?

We also offer services designed specifically for start-ups or businesses that do not have a fully set up HR function, assisting with the set-up of agreement and letter templates and handbooks for your organisation.

It’s all in the detail... Get a quote or contact us for further details, call Vicki Eppelein on 711188 or email



Leapfrog provide us with a professional, friendly and accurate payroll service. They are always at hand to answer any questions we have around local SS and tax and also respond to our urgent requirements at short notice.

-- HR for an online gaming company

Leapfrog have been instrumental in assisting us since the launch of our business. By outsourcing our payroll to them we are able to focus all of our energy on running and growing our business. Their level of service and advice combined with their professional, efficient and friendly approach has been exceptional.

-- Mr Ranjan Vhadra Co-founder of First Contact Health