Strictement dance update

Well it’s less than two months away from my dancing “debut” and most likely the time where I realise I should never try dancing again!

In all honesty though, it’s beginning to come together and that’s something that I didn’t think I would be saying with two months to go. I actually know all the steps now, it’s just a case of making it look half decent now! 

The whole process has been really enjoyable though, and whilst I can be pretty hard on myself when I don’t get something, I am genuinely enjoying learning to dance. I’ve certainly got a fair way to go but am sure that with training three times a week for the next couple of months, we’ll have something pretty good to show off on the weekend of 1st / 2nd May. 

Big thanks has to go to my partner Kirsty, I am sure she finds it draining needing to show me somethings 10 times before I get it, but she’s been very patient and we’ve had a laugh.