No one likes it when standards slip in any aspect of our lives.

Leapfrog Recruitment we try to make sure our standards never slip. No matter how long we’ve been doing this job, we’re constantly conscious that securing a new role, career path etc can be an extremely stressful time for a person. We never take for granted the gravity of the role we play in making that possible. A negative experience for a person can change their whole perception of this process and knock their confidence beyond repair.

We remember we are dealing with people, actual real life people! People that in Guernsey in particular we’re likely to bump into on a regular basis. When that happens we are secure in the knowledge we worked to a high standard, regardless of any external influences.

Obviously we’re all going through a period of change know universally as the ‘new normal’. What we can categorically assure you is that our level of service won’t be impacted. The way we work and the moral compass that is instilled in everyone who works here won’t be change, regardless of how ‘difficult’ this time might initially seem.

As a candidate you will, as always be in complete charge of where your CV is being sent. It will NEVER leave the office without your say so. You have to

As a client you won’t be inundated with irrelevant CV’s, just for the sake of sending a CV out. We’ll listen to your brief and match candidates who fit your requirements. The CV you receive will have the candidate express permission to do so, having also reviewed your job specification. The candidate will have researched you before having their details sent and they have a genuine interest in you as a potential new employer. They haven’t just been blitzed out to every client we have!   

This is how we have always worked. We aren’t going to stop now regardless of the ‘New Normal’.

I will add a caveat to the above and say that no one is perfect, we get it wrong at times and putting our hands up and owning that is a crucial part of how we work.

It all goes back to our moral compass!