Pre-Employment Screening

At Leapfrog, we are involved in every step of Recruitment for our candidates and clients. In addition to matching excellent candidates with the perfect employer, we also assist clients with outsourced Human Resources, Payroll and Employment Screening Services.

Pre-employment Screening

Employees are at the heart of any business’s success and as consultants we see, time and time again, that companies hire people not only for their qualifications and experience, but also for who they are; their attitudes, and how well they align with company values. We believe company culture and fit are essential considerations for any new hire - so why bother with employment screening? 

Employment screening is time-consuming and can be costly, more so if not conducted at all. We know that companies craft their teams with great care and introducing a new staff member should only involve positives, not unwelcome surprises. Leapfrog’s Employment Screening Services protect businesses from the threat of the unknown by completing a range of pre-employment checks and collating essential information prior to a New Starter’s arrival. Once we have completed all checks, an electronic folder is provided securely and ready for onboarding.

To see what checks this process entails and for further information, follow the link below.