Multiple jurisdiction employee screening with ease

Multiple jurisdiction employee screening with ease

When we heard that one of our clients were seeking solutions with internal HR processes, the team at Leapfrog was able to offer help and to take problematic administrative tasks off their hands.

The client in question offers a wide variety of corporate, fund and fiduciary services and is rapidly expanding its business reach, with offices across multiple jurisdictions and steadily increasing staff numbers.

A bottleneck occurred where one valuable staff member took on the due diligence checking for new hires, and while this started as a manageable task, new hires across the international offices significant increased the volume of checks. Due diligence needs to be completed prior to the onboarding of new staff members, but the employee’s regular duties were always more urgent and important than collecting documents; requesting background checks; and chasing responses from various involved parties - the checks were doomed to fall by the wayside. Asking colleagues for ID and a utility bill is simple enough when it is someone you see in the office every day, but as soon as team members are spread across different continents, it becomes complicated and time-consuming. Different jurisdictions have different requirements and legislation when it comes to employee screening, which added yet another layer of administrative fog to wade through.

As a financially regulated company, our client could not afford to let this process slip through the cracks. The business had to be sure that all employees were fully vetted and cleared, not only so that they could work in the highly competitive financial services industry, but also so that the company and its employees were protected from the risk that a new hire can pose. They reached out to Leapfrog and we sat down to discuss a solution.

Our client explained which checks were required, Leapfrog set up a screening process according to the client’s needs, and we started immediately with retrospective screening as well as pre-employment screening. For all new hires, once an offer of employment is accepted, the client issues an instruction to Leapfrog and from there we communicate with the new recruit and guide them through the screening process. Once all the necessary checks are complete, we supply our client with each new starter’s electronic folder, ready for their onboarding processes.

The client is pleased with the process so far and we enjoy working with them, moulding the processes to fit their timelines and requirements. New starters are screened thoroughly prior to their starting dates where possible, and the over-tasked employee has all the required details at the click of a button. We communicate openly and regularly, and it’s a pleasure to see how much energy our client puts into crafting their team of dedicated staff members.

We are aware that we represent our client’s brand and ethos when working with their new employees and we strive to make the administrative processes as simple as possible. As with everything we do at Leapfrog, all data is securely processed, stored and transmitted in keeping with The Data Protection (Bailiwick of Guernsey) Law, 2017 and associated legislation.

For more information contact Vicki Eppelein.