Guernsey Raiders Rugby Sponsorship

Get to know, Chris

In addition to my role at Leapfrog, I am proud to be the Sponsorship Director for Guernsey Raiders. Which in basic terms means I sit on the executive committee of the club. My primary responsibility is to not only bring new commercial sponsors into the club, but also to manage ongoing relationships with our current sponsors, as well as ensuring the agreements we have already struck are still working and developing for both sides. The Raiders not only have the mens and ladies team but links into the fantastic Guernsey Rugby Academy, so it’s a role that takes up a lot of time, but one that is incredibly rewarding.

Obviously this season rugby (as all sports have) has felt the full force of the coronavirus pandemic, with all club rugby being cancelled this year. This has meant we have had no league season this year and the impact on the finances of the club because of this cannot be under estimated. I am delighted to say though that all of our sponsors have stuck with us this year and we have worked closely with them to still be able to put on local rugby events in the island. We are obviously in a very fortunate position to still be allowed to have crowds at our games with the highlight being over 1500 people attending our game against the Isle of Man and more recently over 3000 people attending our annual Fireworks display, sponsored by Leapfrog. We have been delighted to put on as many community events as we have this year in the absence of any league rugby.

Leapfrog continue to be very proud of our relationship with the Raiders, which includes shirt sponsorship as well as us sponsoring the annual Fireworks event, it’s a relationship we see only getting stronger as we all move forward.

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