Got a moment? Quick question - When is the last time you updated your CV?

When you applied for your current job? How long ago was that? 2 years? 5 years? In my case 19 years!

As I was writing this I thought I would do as I preach – seems I have taken on a lot more than what was on my initial job spec and added a few more strings and achievements to my bow than I realised!

Updating your cv does not have to mean you are looking for a new job, it can mean you are ready for one when the time comes, it can help highlight your achievements, show you how far you have come and give you a confidence boost, or can help highlight areas and skills you need developing and whether you are still headed in the right direction.

So what have you achieved? What successes? , what have you learned, taken courses/qualified in?  Have you brought in new business, new clients? Do you now mentor/manage a team? Manage social media, write articles?  It’s time to showcase it all! 

 Alternatively, you may look through your CV and  see the gaps in your learning, your skills and your experience and realise it is time to have that chat with your Manager or HR , or maybe it really is  time for a new job.

So if you have more time on your hands at the moment, dig that CV out, dust it off and take a good look at what you have accomplished over the years.

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 (PS – Top tip - update your LinkedIn page as well,  but make sure it matches what is on your CV!)