A good time to connect!

A good time to connect!

If pondering what to do with all your days in lockdown – how about turning that time into a positive and upskilling? There are plenty of free, online courses (digital marketing anyone?) which not only look great on your CV (shows initiative and a proactive mind-set), but also help you get absorbed in a subject you actually like. This would be a benefit to your mental health (keeping occupied/having a routine) as well as adding a new string to your bow.



Can’t think of anything you want to do? How about taking a few minutes to update your LinkedIn profile or your CV? Even if you are not looking for a job it is a very useful thing to do. Think about all you have achieved since you last saw your CV or edited LinkedIn. Add the further responsibilities you have taken on, the qualifications/courses, the projects, the achievements. All of this should give you a confidence boost or it could be time to take stock and realise you want something more, or really want to do something different. In that case, have a look at the many skills/careers tests available online and find out what jobs your skills set would be better suited to. Here is one I found, but there are plenty of others – give them a go! https://nationalcareers.service.gov.uk/skills-assessment

Now is a great time, because there is time, to make connections. There are clients who are still Skyping and calling candidates as they want to be in front when the world (the island) gets the ball rolling again. It may take a few weeks, but the connections and communication has started now meaning a shorter recruitment process further down the line. Skype (and others forms of virtual connectivity) have certainly never been more used in our office or virtual offices as we are now working from home!

So things may seem to be on pause, or on go-slow, but life will get back to normal and Guernsey will need businesses thriving and productive and for that to be possible they need good, key people lined up or in place already.

For anyone wanting career guidance, advice on the most useful information to include on your CV (and the least!) or anyone wanting to discuss transferable skills, we are all still working from home and as always are more than happy to help! 

Just drop us an email and Fiona, Laura, Chris or Marike will be back in touch.

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Let’s keep safe and well #GuernseyTogether