Employers’ expectations 2020

It feels like the first few weeks of 2020 have passed in the blink of an eye… Can you still wish anybody a Happy New Year when you’re nearly through the first month? How about a question, then:

What do you expect of school leavers and graduates starting their first job this year?

2019 was the year of our ‘Future of Guernsey Workforce Survey’ 
(https://www.leapfrogjobs.com/article/what-will-it-be-work-guernsey-2020) and we have been inspired to do another little survey of our own. We are keen to find out what employers’ expectations are for their brand new, young employees; whether those expectations are delivered; impressions and expectations of graduates vs school leavers (is there a difference/preference); their likes and dislikes; what qualifications/skills they look at over others; what impresses employers what does not. 

We have had many a conversation with many a client over the years and it does still seem that a large number of those entering the workforce are not always aware of the realities of the workplace and proper workplace etiquette. We do already have an etiquette guide that we provide to some students on the various CFE courses and to those starting their first job, but we are always looking to update it - that is where your comments would be welcomed. 

We are after all likes, dislikes, pet peeves, tips and advice you would you give to someone starting out in their first job. Please feel free to email your biggest bug bears and also any areas for praise!

Fiona Wright 

[email protected]