20 years and counting…

20 years and counting…

Ironic that part of their daily job is to give advice on changing jobs/careers in order to match people with their perfect role, and yet Fiona Wright and Laura Allison, Associate Directors, found theirs 20 years ago after stepping through the Leapfrog door and they haven’t looked back.

Clearly a lot has changed in the local market in those 20 years but their drive and passion in terms of how they work with clients and candidates has never changed. Laura said ‘It doesn’t matter what the world throws at you, you are dealing with real people, all of whom have different needs, life circumstances, and situations which need to be considered carefully. We can’t stress enough the importance of making a positive difference in a person’s life and the fact that we’re able to play a small part in that by securing them their ideal role really does have the feel-good factor’.

Making sure your moral compass never changes, regardless of any negative or positive market changes is imperative in this role and both Fiona and Laura are confident that’s why Leapfrog Recruitment stands out in the local Recruitment market. Everyone who is part of the team has the same ethos and empathy for a person’s situation.

Having been in the industry a long time they have a great network of candidates and clients that they love working with, ‘We have been a part of a lot of peoples career paths for a very long time, there are those that always re-register with us when they are thinking about a change in direction, a step up or step down or even just advice because they trust the way we work. We’re in the job of getting people jobs, but not at any cost. You can’t be in this industry this long unless you truly care about what you do. That’s been the driving factor for both of us since day one’ explained Fiona.

Leapfrog Recruitment has continued to diversify the business over the years, including growing its HR & Payroll and Onboarding arm to keep up with demands. Recruitment however is still very much at the heart of the business and that won’t change anytime soon.