Funky Pigeon Fulfilment Operatives

Job Ref: LF 23482
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Funky Pigeon is looking for a number of Temporary Fulfilment Operatives to join their team for their Fathers Day Period!

Open from 6am to 10pm and can consider any combination of hours - day or evening shifts.

Open to both full time or part time and hourly rate is £11.50 per hour.

If you can do any days/ hours within the above opening times - please contact us and let us know your availability, the date you can commence work and the hours (start and finish times) you would be able to commit to.

You can email us this information to [email protected]

Must be over 16!


Guernsey, Channel Islands

How To Apply

If you would be interested in some temporary work for Funky Pigeon, please click on the APPLY button below.
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