Payroll Guernsey

Leapfrog pride themselves in the ability to take the stress out of payroll administration.  Whether your staff are paid monthly, weekly, or 4 weekly we will ensure the process is seamless.

Payroll Services from Leapfrog Guernsey

This is a new service launched in the summer of 2009 again to ensure a fully rounded service to our clients. Leapfrog Payroll Services can take the stress and hassle out of payroll administration, allowing you time to do what you do best, run your business.

For a fixed fee we undertake all payroll administration for your existing workforce, dealing with all tax and social security implications for each member of staff. Whether your staff are paid weekly, 4 weekly or monthly we can ensure a service that is highly professional, accurate and a cost effective way of making sure your payroll runs smoothly. All you would receive is one invoice per billing run.

We can also provide management reports and complete your tax and social security returns, making the whole process even easier.

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Should you require any further information on the service please do not hesitate to contact Chris Gnapp on 711188 or via e-mail,