Living & Working in Guernsey

Leapfrog is based in Guernsey and offers advice and support to anyone who wishes to work on the island. Guernsey is the second largest island within the Channel Islands, it is approximately 24 square miles in size and has a population of approximately 65,000 residents. 

Due to its size and population density, Guernsey's population is strictly controlled and every person wishing to live and work in Guernsey must acquire a relevant licence to do so. For candidates looking to work in Guernsey, the Island offers many perks including an excellent work/life balance and an advantageous tax system compared to the UK. 

We will only be able to work with job seekers who are eligible to obtain, or are currently in possession of, a valid right to work document. 

Housing types

Local Market – Local status can be achieved in a number of ways, all of which involve a specific number of consecutive years residency on Guernsey. Local persons have no restrictions as to the type of accommodation they can live in or type of work they can do. Locally qualified individuals and essential workers are eligible to live on the Local Market.

Open Market – Any UK or EU passport holder is able to live in Guernsey on the open market. There are approximately 1,700 open market properties on the Island. if they do not qualify for a Housing Licence, they may only live in Open Market accommodations which are limited on the Island.

Housing Licence – Housing Licences are available for essential workers allowing them and their families to live on Guernsey in Local or Open Market accommodation for a fixed period of time.

For more information on housing licences and immigration requirements please visit: