What’s going on at Leapfrog.

2 weeks ago our beloved Leapfrog smart car decided to no longer work and as we used it a lot for client visits and taking candidates to interviews we needed to get another one. So after trawling through websites we found one! A lovely little Peugeot 107 -  a lovely YELLOW one!

As its currently a little too bright for us and not in our trademark colour purple to match our Bus, it’s shortly going to be wrapped and logoed up to become the brand new Leapfrog car! We’ll be posting a “before” photo next week but keep an eye out for the new purple Leapfrog car coming shortly.

 This Saturday is the Pink Ladies Coastal Walk and we have a team of 9 ladies taking part. Our team consists of Fiona, Tara, Laura and Gemma and 5 lovely friends of ours. We all think it’s a fantastic cause and can’t wait to do our bit, we are also looking forward to the party afterwards and a well deserved drink to celebrate! We were looking into getting Leapfrog T-Shirts printed, however this was looking expensive so we decided to donate £100 to the Pink Ladies instead!

Wish us all luck for the long walk and look out for a sea of Pink on Saturday evening!!

 As you may have seen the last few months we have been doing a few competitions on our Facebook page, these have been going down really well and we think there have been some great prizes on offer. We have some exciting prizes lined up for the rest of the year, so we recommend keeping an eye on our page, you won’t want to miss out!