What to expect from a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment has always been a key part of any business in Guernsey, it is natural that in an island of approximately 65,000 people that recruiting and then retaining the right staff is somewhat more difficult that in the UK for example. This has been amplified over the past few years where many opportunities have been available for people due to the growth that we have gone through as a business centre.

Recruiting and selecting the right staff at any time is a risk, both for employer and employee, it is very difficult to know whether any new employee is going to fit your business after going through 2–3 interviews, the role of a good recruitment agency is to minimise this risk to their clients.

Working with a good recruitment agency can be of great value to any business, whether times are good, or as is the case at present we are all facing challenges. A good recruitment agency should not only take time to understand the specific vacancy or vacancies that you have, they should also understand your business and the types of people that would fit with the current team you have. Personality fit is often as important as the technical skills required for the role. If the agency understands your business and the type of person required as well as having full knowledge of their candidates, the risk in recruiting is minimised.

It is a common perception that the cost of using a recruitment agency to fill a vacancy is high, however once you take into account all of the benefits it can become a very cost effective way to recruit. A good agency will actively work with you to fill the vacancy or vacancies that you have, they will usually advertise the vacancy for you on their website as well as in other publications to attract the best quality people. They then should pre screen all candidates prior to sending their CV to you to ensure that you only receive people who match what you are looking for, thus reducing the time you spend having to look at CV’s. If you find yourself being inundated with irrelevant CV’s then the agency is not doing what it should be. The agency is then there to arrange interviews, provide feedback, facilitate offers and arrange all other details in relation to this. Done correctly and through the right agency, this process will ensure a cost effective and efficient service to you and will allow you to focus on your key business.

The above is just a nutshell of what a good agency should be providing you as a client. At Leapfrog, we very much recognise our status as a service provider to other businesses in Guernsey. All of our consultants are qualified and are committed to providing a first class service to clients and candidates alike. We regard the relationships that we have built in the business community extremely highly and aim to provide a service that is honest, approachable and individually tailored to each of our clients. We understand that there is vast competition in the recruitment market and that we all have to remain at the top of our game, after all, you have a choice of who you use and we recognise this.