Too much cleavage can damage career

Friday 10th December 2010 — Recruitment Matters Magazine

Women who expose too much cleavage at work could be damaging their careers — or putting themselves at risk of being fired.

A survey among bosses has revealed that wearing low-cut tops is one of the biggest errors women employees can make.

An astonishing 20% of managers said they had fired someone for not dressing “appropriately”.

And almost half of bosses had overlooked someone for promotion or a pay rise for the same reason, according to the research undertaken for Dragons’ Den star Peter Jones.

Jones has launched a collection of cufflinks, socks, shirts and ties, available online to get people to dress for work more smartly.

He said: “I know from all my years in business that if people look smarter, they feel the part and they achieve more – both in terms of productivity and career progression.”

Most bosses also reject candidates at a job interview if they look scruffy, with four out of five saying the way people dress at work can affect their career.

Trainers, un-ironed shirts or flip-flops topped the list of dress “hates”.