Time to Blow the Dust Off

Our Volleyball Frogs had some bad luck at the start of this season and dropped a couple of games, but since then have rallied back towards the top end of the table, in the hope of once again securing the title - we have put together a couple of match reports to update you all on Leapfrog Volleyball Team's progress so far.


Leapfrog Vs RB Cocquelin

The volleyball season kicked off with an exhilarating match when last years undefeated league winners, Leapfrog, clashed with old rivals RB Cocquelin Electrics. It was a rusty start as both teams were blowing off the dust after a long summer break. Nick Gaudion of Leapfrog confidently fielded an unchanged side, which proved to be a wise decision. Despite missing some key players, the team didn’t take long to gel together. Having settled in to the match, setter Becky Gauvain had a solid run of serves applying the pressure on RB Coquelin. As the points built up, Leapfrog’s determination grew which resulted in the young side opening a comfortable lead, allowing them to close out the set.

Leapfrog initially defended in the second set as RB Cocquelin started with the serve. Strong net play from RB Cocquelin’s named MVP, Stuart Black, aided his team in gaining valuable points, however, this was not enough to break Leapfrog’s momentum from the first set. MVP, Hannah Riley, demonstrated accurate spiking from the outside, angling her spike around the solid RB Cocquelin two-man block. This helped her team power through to 24 points – only one more point needed to win.

In a Leapfrog tradition, the player due to serve the last ball is encouraged to try the ever-difficult jump serve. Rod Jaget was set up to the mark, however the serving the ball into the net, gave RB Coquelin a second serge to win the set. Chipping away at the Leapfrog lead, the underdogs gained confidence and applied the pressure. One single error by RB Coquelin resulted in Leapfrog securing their first victory of the season, winning the game in straight sets.


Leapfrog Vs Unite the Union

In the last volleyball match before the Christmas break, Leapfrog faced Unite the Union with both teams fighting for second place in the league. The first set began with an even playing field as both teams fought hard to win accumulate points. Leapfrog pulled ahead with a partnership of Tyler Thorne and Callum Hockey. The match was Hockey’s depute for his old team this season as he moved off island to attend university - his time playing volleyball at the University of Exeter has proved beneficial for the young player as his improvement was evident. Leapfrog’s Hannah Riley and Sam Loveridge worked hard in the backcourt to defend Unite’s attacking shots.

Both teams went into the second set with all to play for. Unite the Union, feeling the pressure, came in strong as a change of structure to the Leapfrog side resulted in the team taking a few points to find their feet. Unite’s Andy Maiden helped his team take the lead with consistent serving from the outset. With a head start, Unite the Union continued to dominate and strong blocking displayed by Dave Bahtran kept the ball on Leapfrog’s side. Despite some trick shots by the Frogs setter, Nick Gaudion, Unite managed to maintain the lead, securing them the second set and bringing the score to one all.

The third and final set saw Unite the Union return to the court with more confidence than before, as they took the first half of the set 8-3. Upon switching sides, Leapfrog stepped up their game, bringing the score level at 11-11. A tactile substitution saw Edgars Zalcmanis join Leapfrog.  Gaudion and Zalcmanis worked well on the net with controlled, colossal hitting through the middle. Despite their best efforts Unite couldn’t defend the strong attacking side and Leapfrog took the set, winning the match.


The Christmas break saw the league table stand with White Rock in first place, Leapfrog in second and Unite the Union in third – GO LEAPFROG! :)