Social Media

Social media has become a staple for most companies over the last couple of years and has been used as a marketing tool to generate interest for your business.

Its a quick and easy way to promote your company and it’s personal choice on how you do this news feeds, competitions or general updates on what your business is up to.

Facebook is a good way of making sure your name is seen by a large audience. The majority of us now-a-days have a Facebook page ourselves, so are used to the format as well as navigating the site in order to find pages or groups of interest.

A lot of companies on Facebook use their pages to attract new viewers by inviting them to join in with a competition. This can involve answering a question or ‘liking and sharing’ a page or photo. Again this ensures that their page gets the most exposure that it can, with the minimal amount of effort. Competition incentives are a great way to draw in interest, although you need to ensure you are not detracting for the purpose of you page and your business. Your page can be tailor made, adverts can be added to the main body as well as new feeds and links to your specific company website.

You do however need to make sure your page or group promotes your business in a professional way and is only administered by members of your company,  so update or posts on the wall are done as the company and not as individuals. You want input to be restricted so that negative comments or posts are kept to a minimal and can be removed quickly if need be.

Facebook is an excellent tool to use as long as its used efficiently and with care. There are negatives to having a page and these should be considered before setting one up. If you are unable to update it at least weekly then is there any point in having one? Do you have anything of interest that you want to say on your page? And is what your saying going to be of interest to anyone apart from you? If you are going to offer competition prizes are these going to be enough to get peoples attention? Also once the competition is over will people still be interested in your page or was it a one off? You want to ensure longevity and need to take time in considering how to achieve that.

It is important to have a page that reflects your company and not just one set up for the sake of it. Lack of administration itself can reflect negatively — if someone is looking at your page and sees its not been updated for a month then it can show a lack of interest from your own company and will most likely end up with that person not looking at your page again.

Choose photographs carefully and again these should reflect the ethos of the company and what you are trying to achieve. You want to make your page interesting and varied, with new and exciting posts. It is after all a free marketing tool and should be used to its full potential. However keep in mind why you set up the page and what you were/are hoping to achieve from it.

LinkedIn is also a good site to portray your company, or in fact your individual profile. Always bare in mind that a potential client or even employers can use this as a search tool also, so keep your page free of negative entries. Your profile photo can also speak volumes! Choose a business appropriate one, instead of a night on the town selfie! LinkedIn is promoted as a Business Professional site and again any entries on this should reflect that. Keep the content professional and business like, even on your own page.

Social media is here to stay and using it to its full potential can be an excellent tool for you and for your company. It can save you thousands in advertising and gives you an opportunity to hit a wider audience. Make sure you use it wisely and get the most from it.