A Positive Job Market!

Trust Administrators/Trust Officers/Managers, Fund/Private Equity administrators, Compliance Officers and Company Secretaries

The finance sector job market in Guernsey is in great shape — it has been for quite some time, but unfortunately that positive fact never gets a mention in the media - the doom and gloom of redundancies and closures are far more newsworthy!

Thing is — doom and gloom can be self prophesising - fear creeps in, people stay where they are for fear of losing a redundancy package, stay where they are because they know their job is secure in comparison to others, the grass may not be greener, businesses don’t take risks and don’t expand… the cycle goes on.

The reality is all the recruitment agencies are being constantly asked by their clients where everyone is.  On the flip side candidates register assuming it is a ‘bad time’ to be looking given the doom and gloom presented in the media. On the contrary!

Of course there have been closures/redundancies, but no-one seems to want to stand up and shout about the successes, of which there are plenty with plenty more to come!

2016 is a growth year for many businesses and they are in need of great candidates to continue help build on their success.

There are companies who have previously had redundancies but through well thought out restructuring are now back in a position of strength. There are so many choices available, small independents, medium/large and international companies, they are all looking for the right person to join them.

There are opportunities for trainees, for those wanting the next step up, for those wanting management positions — there are opportunities to suit a variety of needs, at all levels from independent to International clients.

If you want to know the types of options that could be available to you, want to see what could be right for you in 2016, then please feel free to call or pop in for an informal, non committal chat.