Leapfrog on the Road to Victory…

Our Leapfrog Volleyball Team has had a great season so far this year and is on the road to victory, currently remaining at the top of the league table.

Leapfrog Vs Situations

Leapfrog started the return to the season by playing their recruitment rivals Situations…

All three sets were required to settle both mixed league matches as volleyball returned after the Christmas break at Beau Sejour. In Division One, Leapfrog took on league front-runners, Situations and pulled off a fine win.

Initially, both teams matched each other point-for-point, despite Situations’ Ross Gledhill hitting strong spikes from the outside but Leapfrog held their own and won the first set 25–19. As the game continued, both teams appeared to get their rhythm back. Situations managed to get ahead with an impressive string of serves from experience player Lev Kayacan. This aided them in the 25–20 defeat against Leapfrog.

The pressure was high in the final set with the winning team guaranteed top spot on the league table. Situations had first serve but great defensive play by Leapfrog saw the service turnover quickly. Leapfrog maintained their composure as they edged further in the lead and took the set and therefore match 15–8.

Leapfrog Vs RB Coquelin

Mixed league front runners Leapfrog found themselves playing their closest match against RB Coquelin.

The first set was point-for-point as RB Coquelin had all six of their available players on court, leaving no room for injury or substitutions. RB Coquelin’s MVP Stuart Black showed consistent hitting throughout the match putting immense pressure on the young Leapfrog side. Despite Black’s powerful spikes, Leapfrog’s Sam Loveridge managed to keep the ball in play with some fantastic blocks and court cover, helping his team narrowly win the first set 26–24.

After a substitution and team talk from Leapfrog’s Captain Nick Gaudion, the hopefuls went into the second set determined to finish the match. RB Coquelin began with a convincing lead as both Carla Marley and Ian Vaudin played some non-returnable serves. Leapfrog soon picked up the pace as a mid-set substitution saw Sam Loveridge back on court. His presence was noticeable as himself and Gaudion played both excellent attacking and defensive volleyball together. A final serve from Leapfrog’s youngest player, Callum Hockey, and the finishing spike from Loveridge saw the team succeed to win, again 26–24.

It may not have been the most convincing win for Leapfrog, but they were victorious never the less. Both teams remain non-movers in the league table with Leapfrog in top spot and RB Coquelin in fourth.

Leapfrog Vs Cannon

Leapfrog looked to extend their lead at the top of the Division 1 Mixed League table as they came face to face with Cannon, a team that has been struggling to find form this season. Leapfrog started the first set slowly trading points with the Cannon side that were up for a battle. Cannon were put under pressure when Leapfrog’s named MVP, Sam Loveridge, was in the service box. Despite Leapfrog winning the first set, Cannon’s confidence was not knocked entering the second.

The second set saw Leapfrog have a tactical position change, which Cannon quickly latched onto. The underdogs read the game well and took full advantage as Leapfrog found themselves still adjusting to their change in formation. Cannon’s MVP, Jen Linfield, was supplying her attacker with an inviting set allowing her team to play some brilliant three touch Volleyball. Whilst maintaining a good run of serves to come from 20–23 behind, Cannon won the second set to tie up the match and take it to one last set.

The third and final set saw Leapfrog revert to their original formation and despite the pressure from Cannon early on in the set they took the lead at the change of ends. Another strong run of serves from Leapfrog’s Loveridge put them 4 points clear, a gap they maintained to close out the match.

With each team in the league having played 8 matches, Leapfrog remain the only team undefeated and now have a comfortable 4-point lead ahead of second place Situations.

Leapfrog Vs Generali Panthers

Leapfrog continued their reign when they came face to face with the Generali Panthers. The undefeated Leapfrog won in two straight sets but the game was a close affair as Generali fought to win points.

Leapfrog applied pressure from the outset as their youngest player, Callum Hockey, aided his team in winning 4 points during his service. Despite the brilliant 3-touch volleyball displayed by Leapfrog, Generali battled on, finding the empty space on the opposing sides court and took advantage. This tactical play allowed the team to keep up with Leapfrog. The first set 25–23 to Leapfrog, despite Generali’s best efforts.

After a team talk and tactical substitution, Leapfrog went into the second set looking to finish off and win the match. Fantastic court cover and blocking by Leapfrog’s frontcourt duo, Nick Gaudion and Sam Loveridge, meant Generali were trailing behind, irrespective of how close the score was. Captain Gaudion also displayed fine setting skills, which allowed MVP Tyler Thorne to make use of the free net and spike into the Panther’s court. The second set was won by Leapfrog with a more convincing score of 25 points to 20, therefore securing them the game.

Leapfrog remain at the top of the league table with the ever improving Generali Panthers in fourth.