Human Resources, Recruiting. What’s the difference?

Human Resources, Recruiting. What’s the difference?

Having recently made the move back into recruitment after a stint in HR, hopefully I can answer that question.

HR is an incredibly important department within any organisation that is responsible for many different tasks including ensuring compliance with employment law, payment and benefits, organisational design and strategy, employee development, championing company culture and more!

HR are involved with the entirety of the employee lifecycle, starting with recruitment-related tasks all the way through to someone leaving the company.

Recruiting refers to the process of attracting, identifying and hiring candidates, some HR professionals do both but Human resources and recruiting are two separate jobs that require separate skillsets.

Recruiters support the HR teams in finding the best talent for their vacancies, we do this by acting as marketers. Marketing the company and job roles to job seekers. Our role is to highlight why a candidate would want to work for a company.

We do the footwork so HR don’t have to, we advertise the vacancies, sort through applications, contact candidates and have an initial meeting with candidates. Saving HR a lot of time that might well have been wasted on candidates who were not right for the job or organisation.  

I believe that a company needs both roles to succeed.

After 6 weeks back in recruitment, I am very much enjoying the return. Being able to engage with candidates and clients, understanding their needs and building lasting relationships is the reason I leap out of bed every morning, okay maybe it is more of a roll than a leap, but you get the idea!

To be utterly cliché, the job satisfaction I get from my job is why I am happy I made the move back.