The Homeless World Cup.

Last night we attended the Awards for Achievement 2010. It was a great evening but for all of us the guest speaker, Mr Mel Young, was certainly the highlight.

Mel Young, is the co-founder of The Homeless World Cup, a fantastic cause which helps the Homeless all over the world, in a way no other charity does!

The homeless world Cup is a world-class, annual, international Football tournament that uses the sport as a catalyst to encourage homeless people to not only change their lives but to change the views of the public and governments so they can also try to create better solutions for the homeless.

Not only do the players get to experience, probably for the first time, the appreciation that being a footballer can bring but it can also change their lives forever. As per their website, research has shown that over 70 per cent of players have experienced massive change in their lives after being involved in the Homeless World Cup. They have come off drugs and alcohol, got jobs, homes and even repaired broken relationships — that alone makes this whole cause so important!!!

To find out more have a look at their website, so much more information on there and you can even donate on-line to do your bit!