Got an interview/ job offer – what next?

More and more companies are requiring candidates to provide a certain amount of documentation before they can start work. Due to compliance regulations and security checks, you can be asked for qualification certificates, utility bills as proof of address, home address details going back 5 years, passport/visa or travel documents as proof of ‘gap years’ or periods of extended travel and credit checks. As this is a mandatory procedure for some of the larger international companies , it may well be  a procedure taken up my the smaller/independent companies. We would advise that these are all documents worth sorting out and keeping in a secure place  - especially now for school leavers/graduates. Keeping these documents together and in one place will be very useful when starting a job/new job and will save a lot of hunting around in later years!

One other request from the majority of our clients – please, please make sure that any application forms completed are neat/well written , the spelling is correct, information is correct (do not guess a period of time you were employed/lived at a certain address/post code) as if it shows up as incorrect it  can slow the process down and could lead to an offer being retracted. You may have been offered the position but if they see a messy/incorrect application with incorrect details  - this can backfire. Please Remember that the application form is  also used as part of a company’s recruitment process.

We are happy to provide advise on all aspects of job hunting whether we find the position for you or not – just give us a call.