Dangers of Facebook

First Leapfrog blog of the New Year —  Happy 2014 to all.

First big tip to everyone!! The DANGER of Facebook!!

FB can be the difference between getting and interview or not and getting a job or not. Please be very aware in this social media era where information is available in the tap of a keyboard – that anything written about you is very easy to find out about. HR, Managers., in fact any employer at large are frequently using Facebook to check out prospective candidates.

As psychologists state,  it takes just 7 seconds to make a first impression and  it takes even less time than that on Facebook — depending on your selection of photos and comments!

There have been instances of interviews cancelled in the last year where candidates have been rejected (1 at 2nd interview) due to inappropriate Photos/comments on Facebook.

So – please check your security settings !! Or check on Facebook the function where you can check your own profile – so you can see what everyone else will see.…..OR edit your profile/photos when looking for a new position!

Unfair as it may be – first impressions do count.