The Dandelion Project

The underlying motivation behind The Dandelion Project is about bringing the community together to help create a better place for us all to live.

We can all sit and moan, which we all do, but the Dandelion Project is giving us the opportunity to actually do something, apart from just sitting and moaning! We all have our own ideas on making Guernsey better, most of which have, over the years, been thrashed out at the pub over a beer or two! A project like this is a positive thing and in the end will only be of benefit to all of us living and working here in Guernsey.

Change however can be a tricky thing, some people take to it with ease, some don’t.

In recruitment we see this everyday. Some people know without doubt that they want to change job, some think they do, but when it actually comes down to the crunch they cant quite take the leap (excuse the pun…). Helping someone decide how to make this part of their life better, whatever they end up deciding to do, is incredibly exciting for us Consultants here. Doing this on a greater scale and being involved in making our Island an even better place to live is amazing and should be at the top of all of our ‘to do lists’. This project is giving us all a voice, unfortunately over the years this is something that has been filtered down, and at times, lost through the local government.

The unknown is scary and can be challenging. But with change come new rewards as well as exciting times, as long as we openly embrace them. Obviously though change doesn’t happen over night, but its nice to know that it could happen and that you might of had a small part to play in it.

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