5 reasons why you should change your email address before sending your CV

So you’re entering the world of work and you want to make a good impression. You’ve drafted your CV for your new job and you’ve updated your social media profiles, but have you checked your email address?

Leapfrog Recruitment Consultants are here to help by providing some key reasons why you should change your email address before sending your CV to a potential employer:

1) Employers are seeking professionalism. That email address might have been cute or funny when you were 13, but employers aren’t likely to see the humour in it now. So scrap the sexysara02@aol.com and lazydaisy96@gmail.com now.

2) Your email address should appear trustworthy. Make sure that the address is relevant to you and that it doesn’t appear “spammy” like sjlt1231997@gmail.com.

3) An email address is part of your identity. Using your name within your email address is often a good start i.e. [First Name][Last Name]@gmail.com or if that’s taken try [First Initial].[Last Name]@gmail.com.

4) Make sure that your email address is easy to read. If it’s really long or contains random numbers throughout it will be difficult to remember and hard to reply to.

5) Make sure that you use a personal email account that you have easy access to. If you can’t remember the login, then it’s not going to be much use.

Finally, make sure you only include ONE email address on your CV to avoid confusion.

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